Knowledge Bank

Vol 3 Issue 9

September 2013

The September issue is dedicated to Fracking!! And also features our latest Directory campaign.

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Vol 3 Issue 8

August 2013

Our revamped e-zine is full of the latest on GM, the link between autism and MMR .... and also how you can help us make our Therapy Practitioners' Directory the very best in the world!

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Vol 3 Issue 7

July 2013

July's issue is a feast of advice on nutrition, from Dr Mercola's inverted food pyramid and the benefits of a balanced pH diet to how goji berries are helping with Alzheimer's... and much more.

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Vol 3 Issue 6

June 2013

June's issue contains a useful article on knee pain, as well as exposés on the contamination of US wheat with GMOs and the toxic heavy metals found in common lipsticks, and much more.

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Vol 3 Issue 5

May 2013

May 2013 issue is blossoming with articles, tips and advice on how you can stay healthy, and avoid some of the common dangers that we're faced with in our environment and our food supply.

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Vol 3 Issue 4

April 2013

Superfoods for asthma, health problems caused by hormone-mimicking chemicals, how to spot a sociopath and a brilliant article giving hard evidence for the existence of chemtrails.

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Vol 3 Issue 3

March 2013

Our March 2013 contains up to the minute reporting on Schmallenberg, a growing epidemic in farm animals. Also Hot Stone therapy, chinese herbal medicine, acupressure for migraine and lots more......

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Vol 3 Issue 2

February 2013

Here's our E-Zine for February 2013, with articles on the scientific efficacy of homeopathy, how relaxing affects our genes, and the healing properties of various herbs and fruits.

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Vol 3 Issue 1

January 2013

Our Jan 2013 E-Zine is full of articles to support a New Year health-giving regime, including articles on colonics, detoxing, weight-loss, nutrition, toning exercises and supporting herbal nutrition.

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Vol 2, Issue 12

December 2012

All you need to get you through the seasonal period in our December 2012 issue. Advice & guidance on how to avoid the Yuletide bloat & nutritional advice for preventing prostate problems & diabetes.

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Vol 2, Issue 9

September 2012

Chocolate as an aid to memory, clematis as a good grounder, deleterious effects of backlit screens on sleeping patterns & sunglasses on our 'sixth sense' are all in this month's issue, and much more.

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Vol 2, Issue 8

August 2012

August's issue contains a Kids Special double page spread, and a feature on how The Sainsbury Laboratory uses UK taxpayers' money to develop GM seeds.

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