Knowledge Bank

Archive - Volume 2

Vol 2, Issue 1

January 2012

Our issue for January 2012 includes a two-page spread giving detailed and comprehensive instructions on how to detox for the new year, and much much more...

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Vol 2, Issue 2

February 2012

As February's crocuses are starting to raise their heads above the ground, we're also sticking our heads above the parapet in the battle against Monsanto and in the cause of good, clean natural food.

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Vol 2, Issue 3

March 2012

In this Special Edition, we highlight the growing concern about Monsanto and GM foods and seeds, and examine the finer detail about how these products affect our health, wellbeing and environment.

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Vol 2, Issue 4

April 2012

Far from playing the fool, the April E-zine gets very serious about some of the health risks of eating GM foods. But there's also information for pregnant woman and hayfever sufferers.

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Vol 2, Issue 5

May 2012

Our May E-zine is packed full of entertaining articles from using wild herbs for medicinal purposes to explaining how the Palaeo Diet works and much much more.

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Vol 2, Issue 6

June 2012

Our June E-zine contains articles on DNA, the A-Z of GM foods, the Palaeo diet, Native Australian bush lore and how solar blasts affect our moods.

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Vol 2, Issue 7

July 2012

Our July 2012 issue covers a wide range of current therapeutic issues and interests from homeopathy and herbalism to macrobiotics and shamanic healing. Dip in and enjoy!

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Vol 2, Issue 8

August 2012

August's issue contains a Kids Special double page spread, and a feature on how The Sainsbury Laboratory uses UK taxpayers' money to develop GM seeds.

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Vol 2, Issue 9

September 2012

Chocolate as an aid to memory, clematis as a good grounder, deleterious effects of backlit screens on sleeping patterns & sunglasses on our 'sixth sense' are all in this month's issue, and much more.

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Vol 2, Issue 12

December 2012

All you need to get you through the seasonal period in our December 2012 issue. Advice & guidance on how to avoid the Yuletide bloat & nutritional advice for preventing prostate problems & diabetes.

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