Knowledge Bank

Archive - Volume 1

Vol 1, Issue 1

March 2011

Our first newsletter, packed with news, views and articles from the legislation affecting herbalists to nutritional advice on the common cold and ayurvedic practises in Kerala, India.

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Vol 1, Issue 2

April 2011

The April edition contains a refreshing shower of articles on the use of yoga in treating Aids and the ethical use of remote healing for disasters plus shamanic healing ... and much much more.

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Vol 1, Issue 3

May 2011

The blossoming buds of May issue includes news and views on useful therapies like bipolar disorder, articles on the history of holistic medicine, and how Chinese herbs can help with heart disease.

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Vol 1, Issue 4

June 2011

June is busting out all over with this blooming issue containing articles on addiction problems, support for organic farmers, and the latest news on the honeybees and mobile phones.

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Vol 1, Issue 5

July 2011

July's issue is in full bloom & packed full of fascinating articles, like the BIG summer detox, tapping the way out of addiction and not least, a very interesting case history about Bodytalk Therapy.

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Vol 1, Issue 6

August 2011

August's E-Zine contains news stories on the swine flu jab for children, ME researchers & product placement of junk food in tv programmes. And features on music therapy, art therapy & soul retrieval.

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Vol 1, Issue 7

September 2011

This issue is bursting with fascinating articles, such as how chocolate is good for us, how space weather affects health, the truth about vaccines and also news of a possible natural cure for cancer.

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Vol 1, Issue 8

October 2011

October’s leaves are packed with interesting articles on how people power is bringing holistic lifestyles and health therapies more into the mainstream, and more available to everyone.

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Vol 1, Issue 9

November 2011

Our November issue includes an update on our chemtrails campaign along with tons of fascinating articles on Art Therapy, Colloidal Silver Therapy and even alchemy.

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Vol 1, Issue 10

December 2011

A cracker of an issue exploding with articles on the success of holistic therapies in treating Alzheimer's, Dream Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming in the media & Annie Lennox's campaign for Aids.

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