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The Free and Easy Way For Clients To Find You

Here's some great news for holistic health therapists!

Now your clients can find you much more easily through The Therapy Book's dynamic Practitioners' Directory, and it doesn't cost you a cent.

The Therapy Book already has an established reputation as the global one-stop-shop for all matters to do with holistic health, including matching a specific health condition with its most appropriate holistic therapy as well as the very latest in the field of alternative health via some widely read articles and Newsletters.

We have more than 10,000 members and followers on social media sites, and when those followers read about a new complementary therapy, they also go searching in our Directory  for a practitioner near them that can provide that therapy.  

Our super-duper listings intuitively responds to which ever country a reader is viewing from ~ in other words, an Australian reader is presented with the Australian directory, the American reader is presented with the American directory. Then all they have to do is drill down into the specific location to find you.

We are keeping all the listings completely free of charge until the end of the world recession or hell freezes over ... whichever comes first!

You can check out our Practitioners' Directory here.

Or you can go straight to the form to sign up here.

See you there!