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Helping to heal patients with cancer

A recent story about researchers now thinking that cancer may be an evolutionary throwback in our DNA would finally bring some sense to why Reconnective Healing works.

Professor Paul Davies of Arizona State University and Dr Charles Lineweaver of the Australian National University in Canberra, outline their hypothesis in the latest issue of the journal Physical Biology.

The astrobiologists are wondering whether the causes of cancer are locked in an 'ancient toolkit'. This toolkit is made up of genes that evolved more than a billion years ago when simple, single cells began to co-operate in multicellular organisms.

So what’s all this got to do with Reconnective Healing — which most skeptics with a science background would instantly place on their list of woo woo therapies?

There’s no science to back up why it works, but it does appear to have had some good results with the treatment of cancer. So could it be healing the DNA?

There are several holistic therapies which claim to heal DNA, such as Theta Healing and some forms of Shamanic Healing. But what makes Reconnective Healing stand out is its claims for healing cancer.

What is Reconnective Healing therapy?

Reconnective Healing therapy was developed by Dr Eric Pearl, a chiropractor. He found that, after having treated patients for 12 years, he began to experience strange happenings in which his patients reported being miraculously cured from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, just as a result of his hands being near their body.

Dr Pearl developed a theory based on his belief that he was ‘reconnecting’ to the universe and tapping into a set of new healing frequencies, and that these healing powers are accessible to everyone who is interested in healing others.

It is not entirely clear how Reconnective Healing therapy works — except to say that it reputably works by tapping into universal energy fields, and by using this energy which can flow through the healer and into the client who is being healed.

Is Reconnective Healing therapy an effective form of therapy?

Reconnective Healing therapy has not been adequately tested in a controlled environment in order to determine whether or not it is an effective form of therapy.

As a form of alternative healing, based on energy work, the general consensus in the mainstream medical world is that any positive effects from a Reconnective Healing therapy session would merely be the placebo effect and nothing more. Until there is sufficient proof of study in a controlled environment, this opinion will remain.

However, anecdotal evidence would indicate that it works ~ and while anecdotal evidence may not satisfy science, anecdotal evidence can save lives.

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