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Benefitting from the morning dew of autumn

In the West, we are becoming more familiar with the Chinese medicine practice of Qigong. But few of us may be aware that specific Qigong practices are tied in with the calendrical cycles known as Jieqi. Here renown Qigong master ROBERT PENG describes how to get the best out of the current cycle which begins today by practising the White Dew Empowerment.

White Dew is the third of the six cycles of the fall season. The theme of autumn is discernment and objectivity and over the next fifteen days, nature will enter a new stage of development and reveal new characteristics as she ripens and matures.

In the previous cycle, the expansive thrust of summer exhausted itself and gravity became the dominant force. Our attention shifted from Yang to Yin. In the next seasonal cycle nature continues the process of contraction by yielding to the earth, coolness, and night. In early autumn, these three elements join together to create morning dew.

Clear thinking

This time of the year, dusk is followed by a sudden dip in temperature. The nippy darkness condenses the moisture from the air and, at daybreak the following morning, the green dress of Mother Nature is blanketed with sparkling dew that shines like a sea of white crystals.
Dew is formed when moisture is “squeezed” from the atmosphere and, through this process, the autumn sky grows dryer and clearer. These two qualities capture the essence of the current seasonal cycle, White Dew. Psychologically you align with White Dew by “squeezing” excess sentimentality and wishful thinking from your mind. Now is the time for clear thinking and sensible choices.

Pay attention to details and use sober reasoning and levelheaded common sense when you make decisions. Strive for competence and precision. These are the qualities symbolized by the clear skies that accompany the white morning dew.

Add a little sweetness

“Back home, during this time of the year, my mother used to stew a chicken with longan fruit and a little honey to balance out the dryness of autumn by nourishing the lungs and spleen. The family would eat together joyfully. Even now, as I recall the fragrance and the taste of the food, I am transported back to my youth…”

Adding a little sweetness and juiciness to your diet during White Dew is a simple way to strengthen your internal organs in anticipation of the more arid and colder weather yet to come.

The White Dew seasonal cycle lasts fifteen days until September 23rd  at 5:04am when the fourth cycle of autumn begins.

Until then, pay attention to the sparkling dew of details that beg your attention.

Good Qi!

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Many thanks to Robert Peng, who you can read more about at his website: Robert Peng.

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