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Family dysfunction

Family dysfunction is the condition of families that are unhappy because of a lack of communication, caring and empathy between its members. There may even be bullying or abuse or severe addiction problems occurring within the family unit, so that children growing up within them are affected psychologically to the extent that it affects their future development mentally and emotionally.

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Fatigue is more than tiredness, although some might say that they feel fatigued when they are in fact just tired.

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Fever symptoms occur when the body’s internal temperature is above what is considered normal, which is 37 °C or 98.6 °F.

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes aches, pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints.

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Flatulence is caused by an expulsion of gases through the rectum which are by-products of the digestive system.

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Foot problems

A foot problem can refer to any disorder of the foot, including, bunions, calluses, cuts and sores. Frostbite and gout can also manifest in the foot, and people with diabetes have to take care of their feet to avoid nerve damage caused by reduced blood flow.

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Frostbite occurs in conditions of extreme cold that cause damage to the skin and other tissues. It tends to occur in the parts of the body furthest from the heart, such as the fingers and toes.

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Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint and can be intensely painful. It is one of the commonest causes of shoulder pain and affects women more than men. In addition, diabetics have more shoulder pain and frozen shoulder complaints than the rest of the population.

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